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Bus crowdedness forecaster


The level of crowdedness is estimated based on the particulars of your commute, which you input. The result is the approximate number of passengers riding the bus during the time of your trip on weekdays, therefore from Monday to Friday.

These are predictions. Changes in riders’ commute habits may cause actual numbers to rise or drop.


- than 20 passengers
20 to 25 passengers
25 to 35 passengers
35 to 45 passengers
45 to 55 passengers
+ than 55 passengers
NA (Not available)


How crowded will the bus be during my trip?

Choose your options in the fields below.

Try different options to compare predictions for different commutes: different bus times, different bus stops (departure and destination), different buses nearby, etc.

Please note that the times given correspond to the weekly schedules, so the results are representative for rides made from Monday to Friday.

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What are we basing our predictions on?

All of our buses are equipped with passenger counters. They provide us with statistical data on how many riders are using our network, and more specifically, how many are on each bus, per trip, and at each stop.

The most recent historical data is then used to calculate the average crowdedness of a given bus, in a given direction, at a given time and between two given stops for travels made from Monday to Friday. The averages are converted into metrics provided for information purposes so transit users can plan their commutes.

These metrics may vary from day to day, or week or week, but we do strive to update them at least once daily to keep them as current as possible.

With the recent deconfinement, the level of crowdedness on Saturdays and Sundays has not yet risen, which would not allow us to have enough data on hand to offer a fair estimate on weekends. This is why the tool is currently only configured for weekday trips. As the situation evolves, we plan to add weekend schedules for study.

Since these metrics are primarily meant for information purposes, and because they are based on estimates sourced from big data, they are not eligible for use under the STL Quality Commitment Program.

Help us improve our tool

Send us your comments and your suggestions through our contact form. Make sure to indicate ‘’On-board traffic forecast’’ in the Details section of the form. We thank you in advance!

Here are some valid requests to activate departure and arrival location suggestions and get your itinirary.
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