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New year, new schedules!
Shedules and network 21 December 2022

New year, new schedules!

STL transit users should check their schedules before heading out as service adjustments will come into effect as of Saturday, January 7, 2023.

Shared taxi T48 replaced by bus route 48

Last spring, the STL rolled out a new regular shared taxi service (T48) between theVal-des-Brises commercial district, located at the intersection of highways 440 and 19, and the Vimont neighbourhood further west. This service is intended to better meet the mobility needs of workers and customers of some 70 businesses in the area. 

As of January 7, the T48 will be replaced by existing bus route 48, which will be extended up to Vimont station. This new bus service will maintain an east-west link between the two districts, while providing transit users with more opportunities to connect to other modes of transportation, such as the train, the metro or even the bus serving the Pie-IX RBS, as route 48 goes up to Cartier terminus.

Following the extension of routes 50 and 58 in the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul industrial district and the introduction of route 16 in the Cité de la Biotech industrial park earlier this year, extending the route 48 service is consistent with the STL's goals of providing better service to Laval businesses.

Protecting the environment: paper bus schedules no longer in print

The STL has been fighting against GHG emissions for a long time, but the environment must be protected through a variety of actions. The STL will therefore stop systematically distributing hundreds of thousands of paper bus schedules in 2023. 

STL users were advised of this decision this past summer. Transit users are asked to use the different tools available from the STL, such as the website, SMS (by texting 511785 to find out the next bus arrival times for a specific stop) or available mobile apps. STL transit users can also call the Customer Contact Centre at 450-688-6520 to get the bus schedules in effect. 

With the end of printed paper bus schedules, the STL follows suit with other transit agencies, such as Montréal’s STM and Québec City’s RTC. 

Plan ahead in winter time

When the weather gets harsh, the STL urges transit users to plan their trips accordingly. We can also expect trip times to take longer than usual. To find out the network’s status, transit users can check the website, social media or call our Customer Contact Centre at 450-688-6520.

Here are some valid requests to activate departure and arrival location suggestions and get your itinirary.
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3225 a440
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Location Centre Laval
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Station Gare Centrale
Stop number 41649
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