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Rapid bus service

Rapid bus service

A rapid bus service (RBS) is a rapid transit corridor for buses, located either in the centre of the street or curbside. A section of Le Corbusier Blvd. in Laval is an example of an RBS.


A new rapid bus service is running on Pie-IX Blvd. in Montréal and is serving two stops in Laval: Saint-Martin and De la Concorde.
To know everything about the SRB Pie-IX, check out the official page

Le service rapide par bus Pie-IX va du boulevard Saint-Martin à Laval jusqu’à l’avenue Pierre-de-Coubertin.

STM line 439 runs in Laval on weekdays only, except on statutory holidays.

  • The best transfers for using the RBS in Laval:
    • Saint-Martin station: routes 48 and 50
    • De la Concorde station: routes 42, 48 and 58
    • Taxis collectifs: T01 and T02
    • Saint-Martin park-and-ride lot (managed by the STM)


  • Routes 52 and 252 are the only STL routes to use the RBS:
    • When they are Montréal-bound, the buses only serve D’Amos station on the other side of the bridge, near Henri-Bourassa Blvd. These bus routes will allow riders to transfer onto STM route 439.
    • They keep the same schedule and same route as now and continue their usual route to Henri-Bourassa metro (orange line).

Pie-IX rapid bus service can transfer to routes 50 and 48 at Saint-Martin station and routes 42, 48 and 58 at De la Concorde station.

The STL has reviewed schedules on lines 42, 48, 50 and 58 to help transfers with the STM service. See the schedules. 

Transit fares accepted

  • If you’re using the metro for your trip, you will need an All Modes AB fare.
  • If you’re only using the bus, you need a Bus fare even if you are travelling between Laval and Montréal.

See the fares.

Here are some valid requests to activate departure and arrival location suggestions and get your itinirary.
Address 900 St-Martin Blvd
900 st-martin
3225 A440
3225 a440
Intersection Industriel bldv and Michelin st
industriel and michelin
Location Centre Laval
centre lav
Metro Métro Cartier
métro car
Station Gare Centrale
Stop number 41649
Postal Code H7S 1Y9