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Combine bike and bus routes in Laval


With nearly 270 km of bike paths, Laval is a bike lover’s paradise! Accessible between April 15 and November 14, Laval’s bike path network includes a 32 km section of the Route Verte, North America’s longest network of bicycle trails. 

The bike path network is continually updated and forms a key component of the City of Laval’s strategy to promote effective, active and sustainable mobility. The STL works actively with the City of Laval and Vélo Québec to encourage more active lifestyles by developing cycling infrastructure in Laval.


Combining bike and bus travel is easy!

Did you know all STL buses are equipped with bike racks at the front of the vehicle? Whether you're caught in bad weather or you simply feel like cycling a part of your route, you can simply attach your bike to the front of an STL bus and continue on your journey!

Important reminder: Only non-motorized 2-wheel bicycles are allowed: bicycles for children, tandems, unicycles, oversized tires (fat bikes) and electric bicycles are prohibited.

Cyclobus hours of operation

Cyclobus can be used from May 1 to October 31. For safety reasons, Laval Cyclobus service is only available during daylight hours. 

How to load your bike onto the rack

1. At the bus stop, inform the bus driver that you wish to use the bike rack.

2. Wait for other passengers to remove their bike before loading yours.

3. If the bike rack is in the closed position, release the latch to lower it.

4. Load your bike into the slot nearest to the bus.

5. Raise the support arm as high as it will go over the wheels to secure your bike in place.

6. Board the bus and validate your fare.

How to remove your bike from the rack

1. Before reaching your destination, inform the bus driver that you wish to get off and unload your bike.

2. Return the support arm to the horizontal position.

3. Lift your bike off the rack.

4. If the bike rack is empty and no other passenger wishes to load their bike, fold up the rack until it locks into place.

5. Move away from the bus and signal to the driver that the path is clear.

Cyclobus rules

  • Ages 14 and up (or accompanied by an adult)
  • Maximum 2 bikes per rack
  • Accessories (baskets, bags, child seats, etc.) must be removed from the bike before loading.
  • Two-wheeled non-motorized bicycles only. Kids’ bikes, tandem bikes, unicycles, fat bikes and electric bikes are not permitted.
  • Drivers are not permitted to leave their seat to assist you with using the bike rack.
  • It is forbidden to transport bikes on board buses, with the exception of folding bikes.
  • It is forbidden to padlock your bike to the bike rack during transport.
  • STL personnel may refuse access to the bike rack if users do not follow these rules or in the event of unsafe conditions.
  • The STL is not liable for any damage, breakage or theft which may result from the use of the bike racks.


The BIXI bike sharing network lets you travel by bike between BIXI stations in Laval, Montreal and (coming soon) Longueuil.

In Laval, there are electric and standard bikes available from 26 different stations, which are available at all times.

Important: A helmet must be worn at all times while riding an electric bike.


Where do I find an available BIXI bike?

Search the BIXI station map.

Download the BIXI app to see the number of bikes and docking points available at each station:

For more details and instructions on how to rent BIXI bikes, visit the BIXI website.

Self-serve electric scooters

You can now rent self-serve eletric scooters in Laval! This service is offered thanks to a pilot projet led by the ministère des Transports et de la Mobilité durable (MTMD) in collaboration with the city of Laval.

Learn more about self-serve electric scooters in Laval

*IMPORTANT: If you wish to use the self-serve electric scooters, you must follow the rules defined by the city. For everyone's safety, you must remain within the reserved lanes and stay prudent close to buses.

Please note that in certain zones, speed is limited and riding on a scooter might be forbidden. In case of issues with the scooters, please contact the service providers:

Carrying your equipment aboard

You like to combine public transit with active transportation? You can carry your equipment aboard, provided you follow these rules:

  • The equipment you carry aboard must not stand in the way of other clients and impede their movements.
  • If your equipment can be folded (ex. folding bike, scooter), you must keep it folded at all times.

Standard bikes have to be transported using the racks at the front of the bus. See the above section "Cyclobus: bike racks on STL buses" to learn more.

Gas-powered equiment (ex. gas-powered scooters) are stricly forbidden on our buses.

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