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High schools and school routes

Integrated school routes

The STL network includes more than 40 integrated school routes. We drive students to several private schools as well as public schools operating under the Centre de services scolaire de Laval (CSSL) and the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board (SWLSB).


To make it easier for you, the STL team has some helpful documents and tips to share. 


Documents to read or to fill:

Online orders available for participating establishments:

As of August 1, students who go to the following schools can order their Opus card with photo ID by logging in to the school's portal.

Appointment at a metropolitan ticket office:

It is highly recommended to book an appointment to have your card made or renewed at a ticket office: 

Bus schedules:

Before the end of August, the bus schedules will be available on our website.


Student code of conduct

We want all passengers to feel safe and comfortable on our buses. That’s why we worked with the Commission scolaire de Laval to develop a Code of Conduct for students and their parents.

Passengers who take the bus have to accept certain responsibilities. Are you on board? One of these responsibilities is being respectful to other students and the driver. But there are many more.

To see them all, read the Welcome aboard! (PDF) handout.

Here’s a summary of what it says.

I carry my ID. 

  • I always have my photo ID Opus card with me. I show it to the driver and tap it whenever I step into a bus.
  • If a driver asks to see my ID, I present it right away.

I wait for the bus safely.

  • I get to the bus stop early and either stay back on the sidewalk or keep away from the road if there is no sidewalk. I wait for the bus to come to a full stop before approaching to board.
  • I am respectful of private property and the people around me. I refrain from playing “king of the mountain” or other games that involve pushing or roughhousing.

I behave respectfully.

  • I listen to the driver and treat others with respect.
  • I maintain bus and facility cleanliness by placing trash in the bins provided or carrying it with me. I refrain from throwing objects inside or outside the bus.
  • I do not engage in activities that could disturb others or put them at risk. I do not distract the driver and I sit down if there is a free seat or if a seat is assigned to me.
  • I refrain from shouting, whistling, jumping, smoking, vaping, eating, drinking, touching equipment unnecessarily or sounding the “next stop” alert bell.
  • I keep my head and arms inside the bus and never stick them out the window.
  • I do not carry dangerous items with me. They are not permitted on board the bus.
  • I only use emergency exits in emergency situations.

I act responsibly if I miss the bus.

  • I take a regular bus to get to school or return home, as instructed by my parents.
  • I let the school know that I missed the bus and that I will take a regular bus to get to school instead.

My parents are responsible for:

  • Teaching me basic rules that pedestrians and bus passengers should follow.
  • My behaviour at bus stops.
  • Ensuring that I get to the bus stop on time.
  • Ensuring that I always carry my photo ID Opus card.
  • Any damage I cause to the bus.
  • Informing the STL and school administration of any issues affecting my safety or the safety of other bus passengers, while specifying the bus number, date and time, and nature of the problem.
  • Providing me with an alternate means of transportation to school if my transportation privileges are suspended as a disciplinary measure.
Here are some valid requests to activate departure and arrival location suggestions and get your itinirary.
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