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Can I use my metro ticket to take a bus in Laval? Can I transfer from the bus to the metro? Is my STM monthly pass valid for boarding the metro at a Laval station?

This page provides the answers to these questions and more.

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The Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM) sets all public transportation fares—bus, metro, train and the REM—for the Greater Montreal Area, including Laval, Montreal, Longueuil, the North Shore and the South Shore.

The area is divided into 8 fare zones. Fares are based on the start and end points of your trip. The Laval Area is in Zone 3, which also includes a portion of the West Island and the South Shore municipalities of Longueuil, Saint-Lambert, Brossard and Saint-Hubert.


If you want a ticket that’s valid for the train, metro and Laval buses, you’ll need one of those:

  • a TRAM Zone 3 monthly pass (regular, student or reduced fare)
  • a Soirée illimitée et Week-end illimité pass
  • a montlhy pass for higher zones (TRAM Zone 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8)

Otherwise, you’ll need to buy a new single-fare ticket each time you change public transportation networks (STL, STM, RTL or exo). TRAM tickets (all zones) are available at Metropolitan ticket offices.

STL points of sale usually only sell STL tickets, TRAM Zone 3 monthly passes and Laval paratransit passes. Select points of sale also sell TRAIN 3 tickets. Since ticket availability varies from one point of sale to another, always check before you go.


Important: You can't take the bus in Laval with a TRAM single-fare or a TRAM 8-tickets bundle.


In Laval, public transit is provided exclusively by the Société de transport de Laval (STL). We also operate shared taxis to ensure service to certain areas.

Exo buses departing from Montmorency, Cartier and Le Carrefour stations with service to the North Shore, Laurentians or Mascouche-Terrebonne do not stop in Laval.

Tickets valid on STL buses in Laval

  • 1 STL ticket
  • 8 STL tickets
  • STL monthly pass
  • XTRA STL (July and August)
  • HORIZON 65+ for Laval seniors
  • TRAM Zone 3 (or higher) monthly pass for train + bus + metro
  • Soirée illimitée or Weekend illimité

Tickets valid on shared taxis in Laval

  • The same as the tickets valid on STL buses
  • Accepted payment methods: Opus card or STL Occasionnelle card only

Tickets valid on exo buses in Laval


Important: You can’t use a metro ticket to ride the bus in Laval. Similarly, you can’t use an STL or exo bus ticket to enter the metro in Laval.


The 3 metro stations in Laval are operated by the Société de transport de Montréal (STM).

That means you need a ticket that’s valid on the STM in order to board the metro at Montmorency, De la Concorde or Cartier station. 

Tickets valid for taking the metro in Laval

  • TRAM Zone 3 (or higher) monthly pass for train + bus + metro
  • Soirée illimitée ou Weekend illimité
  • See the list on the STM website


Important: You can’t use the following tickets or passes to take an STL bus or access the metro from a Laval station: STM monthly pass, STM weekly pass, STM 4-month pass or STM single-fare tickets.


The train line serving Île Jésus is exo2 — Saint-Jérôme (Sainte-Rose, Vimont and De la Concorde stations).

Tickets valid for taking the train in Laval

  • TRAM Zone 3 (or higher) monthly pass (train + bus + metro)
  • TRAIN Zone 3 (or higher) monthly pass (train only)
  • TRAIN Zone 3 (or higher) single-fare ticket (train only)
  • TRAIN Zone 3 (or higher) single-fare ticket, sold in a package of 6 (train only)
  • See the list on the exo website


Important: You can’t use a train ticket to take an STL bus or access the metro from a Laval station. If you want to ride the train, metro and STL buses, you need a TRAM 3 or higher pass or ticket


You can pay to ride an STL bus using one of many payment options. Don’t have a monthly pass? Single-fare tickets are valid for one trip that can include several different bus routes.

Ticket validity period

On the STL network, tickets are valid for:

  • 90 minutes starting from the moment you scan your card or purchase a ticket from the driver.
  • You can travel in any direction, but you can’t take two trips on the same bus route. This means you can't use one ticket to hop on/off or to make a return trip on the same bus route.

Hang on to your ticket. Be sure to ask your driver for a transfer if you purchased a single-fare ticket using:

  • Cash
  • Credit card

With a valid transfer, you can take other buses within the same trip without having to buy or use a new ticket to get to your destination.

You don't need a transfer if you have a monthly pass. With a monthly pass, you can take as many trips as you want on the network(s) you paid to use. Just tap your monthly pass and hop aboard!


Important: Transfers can’t be used on a different public transportation network. For example, you can’t use an STL bus transfer to take the metro or exo bus. Similarly, you can’t transfer from the metro to an STL bus because single-fare metro tickets are issued by the STM.

Check with other public transportation providers in the Greater Montreal area for information about transfer policies. Different transfer validity periods and terms of use may apply.

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3225 a440
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