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Reduced mobility

Promote accessibility for all

For the STL, an accessible transportation service of quality involves:

  • accessible lines deployed so that customers can commute corresponding to their needs
  • accessible lines which remain available throughout a commute even in the event of detours or unforeseen events on the road
  • accessible stops with apparent displays that allow customers to get on and off the bus easily and safely, regardless of their starting point or destination 
  • municipal infrastructures adapted to the deployment of an access ramp, allowing customers to get to stops
  • a majority of buses equipped with an audible and visual stop notification system
  • seats reserved for people with reduced mobility
  • bus floors that can be lowered to make it easier to get on and off for seniors, people with disabilities or parents using strollers

Learn more about the 2017-2021 Public transit accessibility development plan (PDF in French) from the Société de transport de Laval.

Accessible network

Our 15 accessible lines allow people in wheelchairs to use the STL's regular network thanks to buses equipped with an access ramp.

This service is intended for customers able to get on and off the bus independently, either by themselves or with the assistance of an attendant. It does not replace paratransit services, which is always available for people who prefer it or whose special needs require it.

Learn more about using the accessible network

Resources for you

Various resources for people with disabilities, reduced mobility or with functional limitations are available near you:

Here are some valid requests to activate departure and arrival location suggestions and get your itinirary.
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