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Inclusive Mobility

Our public transit training program

Inclusive Mobility is going metropolitan!  Our public transit training program is now available to customers wishing to learn more about using the following networks:

  • Exo (bus and train)
  • REM (light rail)
  • RTL (bus)
  • STL (bus)
  • STM (bus and métro)


What is Inclusive Mobility?

Inclusive Mobility is a training program that provides practical, hands-on tools to help public transit customers with functional limitations learn more about using the bus, métro, train and REM networks. The goal is to promote their safety, autonomy and confidence.  

The Inclusive Mobility program is a joint project with the ARTM, run by the STM in collaboration with its partners exo, the REM, the RTL and the STL.

The program is free and includes:

  • Two to five theory modules in groups (bus, métro, REM, trip planning, safety and proper conduct)
  • In-person vehicle and facility visits 
  • Up to four one-on-one sessions where customers practice the route of their choice with a personal guide 

This program is for:

  • People with limited mobility, intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorder or a speech and language disorder
  • Paratransit and regular transit users 


  • For now, registration is open to organizations, including educational establishments, such as school service centres, and healthcare organizations in the Greater Montréal area. 
  • Participants will receive class locations and other program details after registration.

Interested in learning more?
Contact us at [email protected]
Our team will get back to you.

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