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Payment methods

Several payment methods are accepted on STL buses. Opus cards are the most flexible option, but it’s up to you to decide which payment method works best for you.

Opus card

You can load your card with up to 4 kinds of tickets valid for travel on the STL, STM, exo or RTL. 1, 2 or 10 ABC or ABCD Zone tickets can only be bought on L'Occasionnelle ARTM card (not available on the Opus card).

Paiement par carte Opus


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Available in all points of sale (regular Opus only) and in metropolitan ticket offices (regular Opus or with photo).
Enables subscription to the Opus + service, which makes it easier to top up your card each month and saves you time and money.

Protected in case of loss, breakage or theft if you register your Opus.

The only method of payment accepted for taking shared taxis.

Replaceable at its expiration date and recyclable in the Électrobac boxes located near the metropolitan ticket offices of the Montmorency and Cartier terminals.

Tap it on the fare collection box.

Consult our section entirely dedicated to the use of the regular Opus card or with photo.

STL L'Occasionnelle card

The STL card can be loaded with a single STL tickets or a package of 8. This is a good option if you use Laval public transit occasionally and don’t have an Opus card.

Paiement par carte à puce occasionnelle

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Automatically includes a valid match for each encoded ticket.

Available at metropolitan ticket offices only.

Recyclable in your home bin and valid for the number of tickets encoded (not rechargeable once all tickets have been used).

Non refundable.

Tap it on the fare collection box.

Not to be confused with the STL magnetic card (issued directly by the STL in specific cases), that must be tapped on the fare collection box.

Credit card

You can use your credit card to pay for your fare quickly and easily on board our buses equipped with a credit card payment terminal. Transfers are automatic or available on request.

Paiement par carte de crédit

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Works with contactless-enabled credit cards: all you have to do is tap your card on the terminal when you get on board.

Debits the exact amount of a single regular fare once (no additional charge). No receipt issued by the driver.

Automatic transfer: tap your card again when you switch buses within 90 minutes of the first fare payment. Your card will not be charged for the transfer. You can also ask the driver for a transfer when you board the bus so you can continue your trip on another STL route without having to pay again.

Supported cards and payment methods

  • Visa or Mastercard credit cards
  • Mobile payment app on iPhone (Wallet)
  • Google Pay Visa on Android devices

Non-supported cards and payment methods

  • American Express
  • Visa and Mastercard debit cards
  • Interac debit cards (to be supported by the end of 2022)
  • Google Pay Mastercard on Android devices (to be supported soon)
  • Payments made with one credit card for groups of up to five people boarding the bus at the same time (to be supported soon)

System as secure as the terminals used for your transactions in stores.

Solution made possible thanks to the Autorité régionale de transport métropolitain (ARTM).

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Cash and transfer ticket

If you want to pay with cash, simply drop exact change into the farebox when you enter the bus. Transfers are available on request.

Paiement en argent comptant

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Exact or greater amount accepted in currency in the collection box.

No change given by the drivers, paper money not accepted.

Non-automatic correspondance ticket: ask the driver for it as soon as you board so that you can change the bus line at no additional cost during your journey. At your next boarding on the same trip, insert the transfer ticket in the validation slot on the collection box.


ARTM L'Occasionnelle card

This card can be loaded a 10 AB Zone tickets bundle or a 1, 2 or 10 ABC or ABCD zone tickets or any other metropolitan ticket if you don't have an Opus card.

Paiement par carte à puce occasionnelle

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Automatically includes a valid match for each encoded ticket.

Available at metropolitan ticket offices only.

Recyclable in your home bin and valid for the number of tickets encoded (not rechargeable once all tickets have been used).

Non refundable.

Tap it on the fare collection box.

Fare collection boxes, card readers and terminals



Fare collection boxes located at the front must be used for:

  • cash payment
  • transfer ticket
  • Opus card
  • Occasionnelle STL or ARTM card
  • STL magnetic card (issued directly by the STL in specific cases)



Nouveaux valideurs dans les autobus de la STL The gradual rolling out the new fare card readers on our buses is coming along well and the commissioning has started! You will gradually see the screens lighting up in the buses and indicate “Présentez votre carte ici” along with down arrow. 

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This new equipement should be used with: 

  • Opus cards, regular or with photo
  • STL L’Occasionnelle STL card
  • ARTM L'Occasionnelle card

Tap your card on what we call “the target”, located just below the screen where you see a black and white Opus pictogram.



Why new card readers?

Faster boarding: The new system will read OPUS passes at least 2x faster, which will speed up boarding.

Universal access: These new readers use different way to communicate easy to understand information, thanks to larger screens, pictograms and colour coding. For example:

  • a checkmark over a green background to signify the fare has been accepted
  • an X over a red background to signify it has been rejected
  • an orange persona to signify photo ID to be shown for reduced fares.

Clearer information: In addition to the pictograms and colour coded visuals, the screen will also display useful information, such as “9 trips left”, “You card will expire soon”, “Show photo ID,” etc.

Next steps

If all goes as planned, installation and commissioning of the new readers should be completed during this Fall.

The STL is taking part in a sweeping project jointly developed with several other Québec transit authorities, including the STM and exo, that will equip its buses with modern smart chip card readers that are more efficient, user-friendly, and loaded with features aimed at optimizing universal access.


The STL will continue using the payment terminals already on the buses. A support rod developed by our Maintenance Team made it possible to install the new readers alongside the credit card terminals. Riders will be able to continue to use the Visa or Mastercard instant tap-and-pay system when boarding. 

We plan to integrate the credit card payment feature to the new readers in a further phase of the project.Visa Card.

Find your fare

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