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Privacy policy


Last update: August 15, 2023


Personal information is information that concerns a physical person and allows that person to be identified. 

No users are obliged to disclose any personal information whatsoever to access the contents of the site of Société de transport de Laval (hereinafter called "STL”) and its mobile apps, its dynamic display devices and any other digital tools it might make available to the public (hereinafter collectively called “Tools”). 

STL nevertheless offers, through these Tools, certain particular benefits and services requiring a user to provide it with personal information if that user wishes to benefit therefrom. For instance, a user wishing to benefit from the following benefits and services must provide personal information to:

Request STL (query, complaint, comment)

  • use the online form to obtain information, formulate a query, obtain information, formulate a complaint or leave a comment. 

Create one’s personal customer space

  • choose favourite bus lines and stops to consult the schedules quickly and to receive network alerts related to favourite lines and stops
  • receive personalized information based on his/her profile
  • track his/her queries to STL
  • use the advanced functionalities of the STL Synchro mobile app (including the Alternative departures feature to receive trip planning alternatives based on his/her transportation habits)

Use the paratransit automated reservation system 

  • if applicable, use the automated (online) reservation service for his/her paratransit trips and look up his/her regular and occasional trips.

Subscribe to communications

  • STL newsletters and notices
  • STL surveys and contests 

Submit an application (career) 

  • create a personal profile in the Career section of this site
  • apply for jobs or file an unsolicited application with STL

Apply for the STL Compagnon Program and use the app, if applicable

  • submit your application based on the eligibility criteria
  • use the STL Compagnon app, if applicable, by programming your trips on the regular bus network in the app

Other benefits and services offered on this site could require a user to provide personal information. If applicable, the user will be informed when providing this information. 

Collection of personal information

STL collects personal information directly from the user. For STL to be able to use your personal information, you have accepted either: 

  • by tacit consent: you provide personal information in order to obtain information, for example, via a telephone query to STL Customer Contact Center or via the query form in the “Contact us” section. 
  • by express consent: you provide personal information to obtain a service from STL, for example, by creating a “Customer Space” account or activating the Alternative departures feature on the STL Synchro app.

Sometimes, under agreements with partners or suppliers or following the application of legislation, certain information may be collected by third parties and transmitted to STL or vice versa. 

Use of personal information

Only authorized personnel or a supplier authorized by contract with STL may have access to information concerning you. STL ensures that these persons are qualified to access this information and that it is necessary for the performance of their duties. 

Your information is used for purposes agreed by STL, particularly in order to: 

  • respond to requests (information, queries, complaints, comments) formulated online or by phone to customer service (Customer Contact Center)
  • provide a service requested by the customer (newsletter, “Customer Space” account, paratransit reservation, STL Synchro app request management module, etc.)
  • participate in contests or promotions
  • improve STL’s service and the customer experience

Applicable legislation 

Since the personal information created, collected or retained by STL is subject to the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information (CQLR, c. A-2.1), all individuals have a right of access and, in some cases, a right of correction of information that concerns them and that is held by STL. Other legislation may also apply, case by case. 

Communication of information

STL does not transfer, sell, rent, exchange, loan or assign any personal information that is sent to it through electronic means of communication, unless the sender of such information consents to it or unless STL is obliged to do so by law or following a decision of a competent court.

Compilation of browsing data during access to the Tools

When a user accesses the Tools, he/she acknowledges that browsing data is automatically compiled between the user’s computer and STL’s computer system. This data consists of:

  • the Internet domain name, the Internet protocol address, the type of browser and the type of operating system of the device from which the user accesses this site;
  • the date and time of access;
  • the pages viewed;
  • the address of any referencing website, if applicable.

This compilation of data is essential in order to compile statistics and technical indications pertaining to the use of these Tools. However, this data does not make it possible to identify the user personally. STL does not try to determine the personal identity of a user, unless it detects an operation that is contrary to the terms and conditions for using this site.

STL could use this information for statistical information, particularly in order to account for the number of visitors and know the most frequently visited web pages.


The user understands and agrees that access to some services available through these Tools requires a temporary cookie file to be stored on the user’s computer. This is particularly the case with the trip planner and customization features, such as the STL Passenger Zone. The user may configure their web browser settings to prevent cookies from being stored on their computer’s hard drive. However, the user would then not be able to access some of the services or documents in the Tools.

The user understands and agrees that these cookies could also be used to optimize the Tools based on customer needs and use of the Tools. Cookies provide the STL with access to statistics on visits to its website and use of its mobile app.

As such, the STL uses Google Analytics for analysis purposes as it provides the STL with various anonymous usage statistics on its Tools, such as its website and mobile app. Such information is useful for developing and improving the most often used functions and most frequently visited pages.

Tracking pixels are also installed on the STL’s website to allow Facebook and Google to measure the performance of some promotional campaigns conducted through the STL’s ad accounts on these platforms. The available information is anonymous and cannot be used to personally identify the user.

The user understands that they can manage and change their browser’s security and privacy settings on the use of cookies.

The user understands and agrees that the use of cookies and installation of tracking pixels on some Tools also help to increase the relevance of information the STL provides to users on these Tools. The information may be used to develop or improve products and services that are likely to be of interest to different types of customers, and to promote them to these customers.

The STL undertakes to use this information in accordance with applicable laws, and in a responsible and non-invasive manner, for the sole purpose of informing its customers on its products, services and activities. 

A user who subscribes to the STL’s electronic mail is responsible for configuring the privacy settings on their software or email messenger, especially for downloading images, with a complete waiver of the STL’s liability. The user understands that the automatic download of images upon opening an email or images contained in an email may involve the installation of an invisible pixel that could collect statistical data for analysis purposes and marketing promotion.

Data linking or cross-referencing 

When a user creates an account or accesses his/her profile in the Customer Space, data could be linked or cross-referenced between this account and the data already held by STL concerning this  user, if applicable, in order to update the information relating to the customer profile, favourites, queries or an automated paratransit reservation system, if applicable.

Deleting a ‟Passenger Zone” account

At any time, users can deactivate their customer account. To do this, they must log in to their account on the website and go to "Edit Profile". At the bottom of the profile form, they must click on the "Deactivate My Account" link. By confirming the deactivation of their account, the user:

  • will no longer receive network alerts for their favorite lines and stops;
  • will no longer be able to track their requests online;
  • will continue to receive email communications they have consented to receive (newsletters);
  • will still have access to their file and their previous requests and reports by calling our Customer Contact Center.

To request a complete deletion of their file from STL, users must call the Customer Contact Center at 450-688-6520.

Retention of personal information

STL retains the personal information for the periods necessary for the purposes outlined herein and to honour its legal obligations, particularly in compliance with the period stipulated in its retention schedule, in application of the Archives Act (CQLR, c. A-21.1).

Protection of personal information

STL undertakes to:

  • collect, use and retain personal information only for the purposes of the needs identified; 
  • protect the confidentiality of personal information by means of security measures according to the generally accepted industry standards and in accordance with the legislation; 
  • retain your personal information only for the period required in relation to the services provided by STL and according to the prescriptions of the legislation; 
  • ensure that it does not disclose your personal information to a third party, unless you consent thereto or in order to satisfy a legal requirement; 
  • allow you access to or correction of your personal information in accordance with the legislation; 
  • not subscribe to the services of service providers for the collection, management and use of your personal information unless they make the same commitments to the protection of personal information as STL in your regard.


There are no “secure” areas on this website, allowing for a separate and confidential dialogue between a user’s computer and STL’s computer system. In general, no data transmission on the Internet can be fully protected against misappropriation or malicious use. 

Although it does everything in its power to ensure secure access to these Tools and their functionalities, STL cannot guarantee that the information sent to it by email or Internet will reach it without having been falsified, viewed or altered by a third party, or without the integrity of that information or its authenticity having possibly been called into question in another way, nor even that this information will reach its intended destination. STL’s commitment with regard to the protection of personal information solely relates to the processing of information that is actually in its possession.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, although STL applies the generally accepted standards in the sector to protect the information submitted to it, it cannot warrant that such information will not be viewed, disclosed, altered or destroyed following a violation of its protective measures. 

If you have reasons to believe that personal information has been compromised, please communicate with STL’s Customer Contact Centre without delay at 450-688-6520, during business hours (see the Contact us section of this site).

French language

La présente politique est rédigée en français. Une version anglaise de cette politique est également disponible. En cas de divergence entre la version française et la version anglaise de la politique, la version française prévaut. 

This Policy is written in French. An English version of this Policy is also available. In case of a discrepancy between the French version and the English version of the Policy, the French version prevails.

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