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Attendant card

Accompanying a person with reduced mobility

IMPORTANT! Starting August 1 2023, the procedure to obtain an attendant card will change slightly. 
If you currently have an attendant card, you may keep using it as before. 
If you would like to obtain a new attendant card, please fill out the request form and send it to the following address. 

Request form (PDF)
Request form (Accessible HTML)

À l’attention de la Direction de l’administration et planification d’entreprise
Société de transport de Laval (STL) | 2250, avenue Francis-Hughes, Laval QC H7S 2C3

For any inquiry, please call 450 688-6520

When they are able to get on board without assistance or if they are accompanied, paratransit users are able to use the regular network. The person accompanying you can benefit from the attendant card that gives them free access.

This card is issued under certain conditions to people who does not qualify for the paratransit service, but who still need help to use the accessible network or the complete regular network in Laval.

The presence of a guide dog or a service dog to help a disabled person is permitted at all times on the regular STL bus network.

Do you have a question about the attendant card?

Contact our customer service center for more information on paratransit services in Laval.

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How does the attendant card work

This card must be issued by the STL or an organization recognized by it. Find out how to get a companion card to facilitate your travel on the regular bus network in Laval.

What are the eligibility criteria?

The companion card is reserved for people with intellectual, cognitive or visual disabilities whose functional limitations justify the need for support when using the regular public transport network due to a problem of:

  • personal safety
  • orientation in time
  • orientation in space

How to obtain a companion card?

The attendant card is issued free of charge to all paratransit users who can travel on the regular bus network with the help of an attendant.

You can print the request form for a companion card (PDF in French only) or obtain it from the following locations:

To obtain your STL attendant card:

  1. Fill out sections 1 and 2 of the companion card request form.
  2. Contact one of the centers identified in the "For more information" section of the form to receive the required professional certificate.
  3. Attach 2 photos of approximately 3 cm x 3.5 cm of the paratransit user.
  4. Send the duly completed form and the 2 photos requested to the STL:

    Service de transport adapté
    2250, avenue Francis-Hughes
    Laval (Québec) H7S 2C3

If all the eligibility criteria are met, the attendant card will automatically be sent to the paratransit user, who can start using it without delay.

How to use the card?

The attendant card must be presented to the bus driver when boarding. It allows your companion to benefit from free transportation on the regular bus network

Without the attendant card, the attendant will have to pay for their boarding just like regular users of Laval's public transit, even if it's just forgotten.

The use of the attendant card is strictly reserved for its holder and may not, under any circumstances, be transferred to another person.

What to do in the event of loss, damage or theft?

Please promptly inform the STL at 450 662-8356 for any problem concerning the attendant card.

You no longer need the card?

If the attendant card is not used or no longer needed, it is your responsibility to return it to the STL as soon as possible:

Service de transport adapté
2250, avenue Francis-Hughes
Laval (Québec) H7S 2C3

You are moving?

Inform us in advance of your new address and its effective date by calling 450 662-8356.

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