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Fares and Opus cards for seniors aged 65+

Reduced and free rate

Anyone aged 65 or over is entitled to the Opus card with photo to benefit from a reduced rate or free access on the entire STL network with the Horizon 65+ title. The following is reserved for Laval residents aged 65 or over and allows them to take the bus for free in Laval.

How much does the Opus card with photo cost?

There is a $ 15 fee and the card is non-refundable.

When should I get my card?

From the day of your 65th birthday or after.

When to renew my card?

Your card has a lifespan of 7 years. Therefore, you must renew it at the latest on the day of the expiry date indicated on the back of the card, if you wish to continue to benefit from the Horizon 65+ title or fares at a reduced price.

Where can I get my card?

At a Metropolitan ticket office or by mail.

How to schedule an appointment to obtain or renew my card at Metropolitain ticket office?

Until further notice, Opus cards with photo ID will be issued and renewed by appointment only to foster social distancing at ticket offices. Make sure you’ve completed all of the required documents and to have them on you when leaving for your appointment.

Book an appointment online

What documents should I bring the first time I have my card delivered at Metropolitain ticket office?

  • The duly completed OPUS card request form (PDF)
  • Proof of age (health insurance card or passport) - at least being 65 years old at the time of application
  • Proof of residence
  • Cash, debit card or credit card.

What documents should I bring to renew my card at a Metropolitain ticket office?

  • Your Opus card with current photo (expired or not).
  • Proof of age (health insurance card or passport).
  • Proof of residence.
  • Cash, debit card or credit card.

What documents do I need to show to obtain or renew my card by mail?

  • The original Reduced-fare student Opus card application form for mail delivery (PDF), duly completed and signed.
  • An original, recent, passport-style photo of your face: size 2 x 2 ou 1 x 1 1/4. Photocopies are not accepted. No hat or sunglasses in photo.
  • A photocopy of one of the following government-issued IDs in French or English: health insurance card, driver’s licence, passport, permanent resident card or asylum seeker document. This photocopy will be returned to you. Student cards are NOT eligible forms of ID.
  • Payment of $15 by one of the following methods:

- Bank transfer, indicating the relevant account holder information (section 3 or form).

- Personal cheque/money order/bank draft. Please mail with your application form. Make payment out to Gestion Termico.

Where can I recharge my new Opus card?

You can obtain the Horizon 65+ title when you have your card made at a metropolitan ticket office.

You can buy transit fares at a reduced rate in a metropolitan ticket office or at one of our points of sale.


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