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Credit card payments now accepted on all of our buses
Innovations 6 April 2022

Credit card payments now accepted on all of our buses

The STL introduced credit card payments on some of its buses five years ago, giving customers the option to use their phones or credit cards to pay for rides. If that’s news to you, check out this page to learn more about all the payment methods accepted on Laval buses.

We know this is such a convenient way to pay for fares on board, so we’ve been working hard to roll it out across our network. Today we can say, “Mission accomplished.” ALL our buses are now equipped with new terminals that accept payments via:

  • credit card (Visa and Mastercard)
  • mobile payment apps
  • a smart transfer feature that will recognize your credit card when you switch buses so you can continue your trip within 90 minutes without being charged a second time

Now that the new, more modern terminals are in, we’re busy working on the next phase of the project so we can soon include:

  • contacless debit card payments (e.g., with your Interac card)

Supported and funded by the ARTM, this payment solution results from a new partnership with Flowbird and Moneris focused on facilitating public transit for the Laval population and other users of the STL.

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