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Yes to making biking a commuting option!
Sustainable mobility 26 April 2021

Yes to making biking a commuting option!

The reasons to bike can stretch for miles: it’s fast, economical, and healthy. And when you are able to combine it with riding the bus, it becomes as practical as can be!

Every year as of May 1, we outfit the front of all of our buses with bike racks. When you need to travel far or when it rains, you can simply mount your bike on the rack and carry on with your commute.

Watch How to mount your bike on a bus rack

On our trip planner, you can use the “Show more options” feature to view the Laval bike path network superimposed over your itinerary. This way, you’ll be able to easily see your options for travelling part of your trip by bike. It may, for instance, save you having to transfer buses, make areas difficult to serve by bus more accessible, or just add more flexibility to your commutes.


Laval’s bike path network is nearly 270 km long, so there’s really no good reason for leaving your bike at home. Available until November 14, Laval’s bike network even includes a 32 km stretch along the Route Verte, North America’s longest network of cycling trails.

BIXI in Laval

Did you know Laval’s BIXI city bike service is already up and running for the season? It opened April 9, and it includes 40 electric-assisted bikes and 15 standard bikes allocated over 6 stations accessible 24-7.

  • Laval city hall

  • Montmorency bus terminal

  • Cartier bus terminal

  • Saint-Claude park

  • Legrand avenue, corner Cartier west

  • Robin boulevard, corner 15e Rue

Remember that helmets are required for electric-assisted bikes.

Check out the full map of BIXI stations

BIXI stations map - BIXI Montréal


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Address 900 St-Martin Blvd
900 st-martin
3225 A440
3225 a440
Intersection Industriel bldv and Michelin st
industriel and michelin
Location Centre Laval
centre lav
Metro Métro Cartier
métro car
Station Gare Centrale
Stop number 41649
Postal Code H7S 1Y9