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New card readers: where do I tap my Opus?
Ticket and fares 16 June 2021

New card readers: where do I tap my Opus?

Have you noticed some new gadgets while boarding an STL bus? You weren’t seeing things: They’re the new OPUS card readers that are gradually being put into service.

Granted, until all the new readers are installed or activated, it may be tough to figure out where to tap which card in the heat of the moment, so here’s a brief summary to make your life easier.

How do I know that it’s ready to use?

There’s good progress with the gradual installation of new card readers in our buses, but a few buses still need to be equipped.
You will be seeing screens turn on and indicate, “Présentez votre carte” (present your card) with an arrow pointing down. If this message appears, you must tap your OPUS card, STL Occasionnelle card or ARTM Occasionnelle card on the new equipment.

Otherwise, use the usual reader on the cash fare box.

What cards should I use with it?


Where do I tap my card?

Tap your Opus or L'Occasionnelle card on the “target,” just below the screen where you see the black and white Opus symbol.

Cible où taper sa carte Opus sur les nouveaux lecteurs

What are the benefits of these new readers?

  • Quicker card reading when boarding: Your card will be read 2x faster, which speeds up boarding!
  • Universal access: The new equipment makes it easier to understand the information using icons and colour coding. You will also notice some useful messages such as “reste 8 passages” (8 trips remaining) or “votre carte expirera bientôt” (your card will expire soon).

What about payment by credit card or cash, and transfer tickets?

You can still pay by credit card using the terminal above the new equipment. Cash payment and magnetic cards, such as transfer tickets, need to use the box near the bus driver as usual.

What’s next?

Should everything go as planned, the installation and commissioning of these new card readers should be completed during fall 2021.

To learn more, refer to the “Fare collection boxes, card readers and terminals” section on our Payment Methods page.

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