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Female mechanics fuelled by challenges
Transport collectif 8 March 2022

Female mechanics fuelled by challenges

When Amélie Prenoveau started working as a mechanic at the STL 13 years ago, there was no women’s locker room at the garage. She therefore paved the way for her 16 female coworkers – mechanics, body builders, service and parking clerks, disinfection workers – who are part of today’s vehicle maintenance team.

Among them is Chanelle Collin Riendeau, who has been a body builder apprentice for a few months. Her duties include installing equipment in the vehicles and working on the bus exterior: “When I replaced the windshield, I got hot! But with the equipment that we have, it went really well.” Like Amélie, apprentice mechanic Lydia Poirier enjoys complex jobs: “The day goes by quickly when you’re replacing brakes or a differential.” Both women work on engines, but also on other mechanical components on the bus, like the suspension or exhaust.

The three colleagues developed an interest in mechanics through their family, but they also chose to study heavy vehicle mechanics as it offers great job opportunities. Above all, they were eager for the challenge and wanted to prove to everyone that they could work in a typically male-dominated field.

They also have the personality that fits in with the spirit of camaraderie at the STL garage. “Many of my colleagues are even happy that there are more women, that the next generation of workers will be diverse,” noted Amélie Prenoveau.

There are over 150 employees, both men and women, working in bus maintenance to ensure the proper operation and safety of the 335 buses that criss-cross Laval.

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