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Shared taxi 101
Transport collectif 21 April 2022

Shared taxi 101

Everyone knows the bus but many people don’t know taxis are also part of Laval’s public transit system. Here’s a primer!

In more industrial or rural sectors, or streets too narrow for buses, shared taxis take up the slack by bringing customers to the nearest bus routes. Like buses, there are taxi routes and stops, and the fare is paid using the OPUS card.

The STL network currently has 18 shared taxi routes. There are two types of shared taxi services:

  • Regular shared taxi, it follows a specific route, makes regular stops and sticks to a schedule, regardless of whether there are customers waiting or not. 
  • On-request shared taxi, where customers need to book a ride for a predetermined time and stop. It’s like an on-request bus. Rides can be booked by phone or online with Taxelco, an STL partner. 

For more details, refer to the shared taxi page.

Here are some valid requests to activate departure and arrival location suggestions and get your itinirary.
Address 900 St-Martin Blvd
900 st-martin
3225 A440
3225 a440
Intersection Industriel bldv and Michelin st
industriel and michelin
Location Centre Laval
centre lav
Metro Métro Cartier
métro car
Station Gare Centrale
Stop number 41649
Postal Code H7S 1Y9