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Choosing the right fare
Transport collectif 28 July 2022

Choosing the right fare

Trying to navigate the new transit fare structure?

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to make sure you have the right fare for your trip.

First, check at to see what zones you will be travelling through (A, B, C or D):


Zones tarifaires pour les services du transport collectif

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5 questions to choose the right fare

Will you be travelling within more than one zone?

Depending on the zones you will be travelling (AB, ABC or ABCD), you can choose between a Bus fare (valid for taking the bus within zone ABC) and an AB, ABC or ABCD All modes fare (valid to take the bus, the train or the metro within the corresponding zones). All those fares are available as 1-, 2- or 10-trip passes or as monthly passes.

To take the bus only in Laval (zone B), you can simply use a Bus fare. There is no metro-only or train-only fare. To take the metro or the train within zone B, you need an AB All Modes fare, as there is no specific fare for zone B only. An All modes fare allows you to combine the bus, the metro and the train within the zone.

Will you be using more than one mode of transit?

YES (e.g., bus AND metro)
You need an All Modes (A, AB, ABC or ABCD) fare, even if you travel within one zone only.

NO (e.g., bus only)
You can use a Bus fare that is valid within and between zones A, B and C. There is no metro-only on train-only fare. To take the metro or the train, you need an All Modes fare.

Are you eligible for a reduced fare? (Youths aged 12–17 or seniors aged 65+)

If you already have an OPUS card with photo ID on which you still have STL fares or a Bus fare or an Horizon 65+ fare, you will not be able to add All modes fares to it. These fares are not compatibles on the same card.

Head to a ticket office to get a second OPUS card with photo ID specifically to load your All Modes fares. You can then purchase the fares at any of our points of sale as needed.

Do you have a Laval bus pass?

If you mainly take the bus to get around Laval and only occasionally ride the metro, you can buy a few All Modes AB tickets on an Occasionnelle chip card and use them as needed.

Do you work from home most of the time?

If you need to travel more than 17 days per month:

Go for a monthly pass and choose between Bus and All Modes AB, ABC or ABCD fares depending on the modes of transit you plan to use and the zones you plan to travel to.

If you travel fewer than 17 days per month:

Buy a 10-trip pass that best suits your needs. Since the pass does not expire, you can use the tickets whenever you want.

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