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Do you know about the many ways to view bus schedules?
Schedules and network 26 January 2023

Do you know about the many ways to view bus schedules?

The STL has been fighting against GHG emissions for a long time, but the environment must be protected through a variety of actions.

Therefore, as of 2023, we will no longer be systematically distributing hundreds of thousands of paper bus schedules.

Tools available

There are usually three bus schedule changes every year. Several tools are available to keep up to date on effective schedules. Be sure to quickly get familiar with those tools!


The most comprehensive source of information is obviously this website and the section on schedules. You can view the schedule for all bus routes and every stop on the STL network. You can also print the full schedule for whichever route you want.

Did you know?

You can also get the bus schedule for a specific bus stop, then email the information or print the schedule for that stop only. Simply find the printer and envelope icons to the right of the screen under the section where you select a route and stop.

The Passenger Zone lets you make a list of your preferred routes and subscribe to alerts. You can then receive an email or text message when trips are delayed or cancelled.

Real-time tools

Other mobile tools let you know your bus schedule with just a few clicks. Do you know about the SMS service?

Text your bus stop number to 511785 to get the next bus arrival times for all routes at that stop in just a few seconds. Standard text message charges apply based on your mobile phone plan.

You can also refer to the signboards at terminuses and at some stops.

Not only are they simple to use but these digital tools provide the most accurate information possible as the schedules are updated in real time, like on the website.

Planned schedules

The schedules displayed at many stops on the network give you a good idea of the bus schedule if you did not plan your trip in advance. For greater accuracy, you can confirm the arrival time of the next bus by going on the website or using the SMS service.

Protect the environment, on step at a time

Paper schedules going into effect August 27, 2022 will be the last printed schedules. A note has been added to these schedules advising STL riders. We are already working towards a smooth transition so that STL users can familiarize themselves with alternative ways to view bus schedules.

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3225 a440
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