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Ride the bus for $1 on smog days in Laval
Users experience 1 June 2022

Ride the bus for $1 on smog days in Laval

From June 1 to September 5, whenever Environment Canada issues a smog alert for the Laval region, STL bus riders will enjoy a special $1 fare (cash or credit card) the next day on the regular network.

The STL wants to encourage public transit use in Laval with this unique initiative in Canada, and to reduce the number of cars on the road, which produce a great deal of air pollution.

“The STL and Laval residents are very proud of the smog alert initiative. Public transit plays a crucial role in the fight against climate change. If more people used the bus, especially during smog periods, we could all help to improve the air quality,” said Jocelyne Frédéric-Gauthier, Chair of the Board of the STL. 

The special $1 fare in effect the day following a smog event is equivalent to a discount of almost 70% off the regular single fare.

Watch for smog alerts!

When there is a smog alert, the STL will issue a special bulletin on its website, on its newsletter and on social media, in addition to providing announcements to media outlets.

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