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The STL encourages candidates to use public transit for one of their campaign-related trips
Public transit 14 September 2022

The STL encourages candidates to use public transit for one of their campaign-related trips

As part of the provincial election campaign, the Société de transport de Laval (STL) is inviting candidates and party leaders to join Pierre Brabant, Member of the STL’s Board of Directors, for a bus ride to discuss public transit. The event will be an opportunity to showcase the benefits of public transit and the positive experience it provides as an active, sustainable mode of transportation.

“We are thrilled that public transit is generally at the top of most parties’ agendas. That’s particularly true for major infrastructure projects. Nevertheless, this campaign is also the perfect opportunity to highlight issues that specifically impact our transit system and the mobility of Laval residents,” said Mr. Brabant. “And what better way than a bus ride to have such an important discussion that could shape the future of mobility in our city,” he added.

As Mr. Brabant points out, various issues were raised with a number of current parliamentarians in spring when the Association du transport urbain du Québec organized a day on Parliament Hill. Those issues are still relevant today, according to him. “We need to review the fiscal framework of Québec transit corporations, including ours, so we can address the structural deficit and secure funding for operating costs and asset maintenance. And in the short run, we must balance the 2022 and 2023 budgets because revenues are not what we would expect, as ridership remains below pre-pandemic levels,” he added. “Bus fleet electrification must also continue to be the subject of ongoing discussions. It’s an exciting project, but going all-electric should not have a negative impact on maintenance and service development and delivery.”

To discuss all those issues, Mr. Brabant is inviting candidates whose ridings are served by the STL to join him on a bus ride as they go out to meet their constituents.

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