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The Société de transport de Laval’s 2023 budget adopted by the City of Laval
Budget 15 December 2022

The Société de transport de Laval’s 2023 budget adopted by the City of Laval

This Tuesday, the City of Laval adopted the Société de transport de Laval’s (STL) 2023 budget of $186.6 million, an increase of 5.6% over last year. The 2023–2032 10-year capital program amounts to $1.3 billion. The financial framework presented in the 2023 budget and 2023-2032 10-year capital program will allow the STL to continue its journey toward electrification of its bus fleet, while ensuring adequate service to Laval residents and businesses.

Staying the course despite difficult financial times
As the pandemic has exacerbated structural funding issues in public transit that were already prevalent in the Montreal area in 2019, the STL faces additional funding challenges. It’s time for efficient and optimal expense management, while avoiding to negatively impact transit users as much as possible.

The STL presents a responsible budget for 2023 that takes into account the new post-pandemic reality. As ridership slowly recovers, levelling off at around 80%, and in consideration of new commuting habits of Laval residents, the STL will align its service as closely as possible with the mobility needs of Laval residents.

“From a budget standpoint, 2023 promises to be complex considering the difficult financial challenges that public transit has had to endure since the health crisis. That being said, we are confident that the various levels of government will continue to support us in revitalizing public transit. To secure the future of sustainable mobility services for the public, we believe the government levels need to establish a financial framework that is stable, sustainable and indexed over several years. 
With the 2023 budget and the 2023–2032 10-year capital program, the STL will continue on its journey of corporate transformation and the electrification of its bus fleet, while providing quality service to Laval residents,” said Jocelyne Frédéric-Gauthier, Chair of the STL Board of Directors.

2023 budget highlights
The increase in the STL’s 2023 operating budget is mainly due to indexing, as well as costs related to paratransit contracts, cyber security and the transformation to electrification. 

  •  For regular transit, the STL anticipates ridership to increase by about 5% in 2023 compared to the current level, which would be 83% of the pre-pandemic level.
  • The number of paratransit trips also tends to rise a bit more quickly.
  • To align its service offering with the expected level of ridership, the STL plans on adjusting its service, specifically at rush hour, while maintaining optimal frequency during the day.
  • The bank card payment solution project will improve when debit cards become another payment option on buses in 2023.
  • As for the Government of Québec’s goal of having 55% of city buses going electric by 2030, the STL continues to electrify its bus fleet.
  • Year 2023 will mark the continued construction of the all-electric garage that will only accommodate electric buses come 2025.

The STL would like to highlight the City of Laval’s additional funding for the 2023 budget. Year after year, the City remains a critical partner in developing mobility for Laval residents.

2023–2032 10-year capital program
The budget takes into account upcoming major projects, including the large-scale electrification of the bus fleet. The 10-year capital program will allow the STL to continue its commitment to innovation, expansion and modernization of its facilities and systems, and favour asset maintenance, all in an overheated construction market. 

The STL’s 2023 budget is available on its website (available in French only).


About the Société de transport de Laval
Boasting a team of over 1,100 dedicated employees, the STL develops and operates an integrated network of buses, school service buses, shared taxis and paratransit vehicles. The STL’s regular bus service operates 47 routes with close to 2,700 stops across more than 1,500 km in the Laval area. 


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