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Credit and debit card payment now accepted in paratransit
Accessibility 8 June 2023

Credit and debit card payment now accepted in paratransit

In partnership with COOP Taxi Laval and Chartrand Inc., the Société de transport de Laval (STL) is proud to announce that credit and debit card payment is now accepted on all its paratransit vehicles. As commercial-type payment terminals are being used, they do not require any customized software solution, so both credit and debit card payments are now accepted. This one-year pilot project is a first in Quebec.

The project was rolled out in two phases. The first phase covered 200 COOP Taxi Laval cabs at the end of March. Then, since June 5, some 30 Chartrand Inc. adapted minibuses serving the STL were also included. The current fare is equivalent to cash payment and determined by the ARTM according to the travel zone. Note that a single-trip fare paid by cash, credit or debit card ($3.25) is less costly than a paper ticket purchased in advance ($3.50). Customers get to save some money with this new payment option. Cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard and Interac debit, either on a physical card, on a smartphone or on a smartwatch.

Quote from Jocelyne Frédéric-Gauthier, Chair of the STL Board of Directors
“We would like to thank our partners, COOP Taxi Laval and Chartrand Inc., for being bold enough to innovate in this little-known niche in public transportation that is just as important as regular transit. It’s also an opportunity to highlight the dedicated work of our paratransit teams, both at the STL and at our providers, who work hard every day to provide the best possible service to our riders.

Quote from Josée Roy, STL General Manager
“Our customers enjoy many benefits from this new service, while eliminating some hassles such as having to handle cash, which can be quite challenging for those with dexterity issues. Not only does this simplify the payment logistics, it’s a little revolution in the paratransit world. The results of this pilot project will be analyzed and shared with the province’s community of paratransit providers.”

Quote from Stéphane Boyer, Mayor of Laval
“As part of Quebec Week for Disabled Persons, we all need to remember that the mobility of Laval residents must be more inclusive and accessible. The City of Laval welcomes the STL’s initiative to improve the experience of customers who use paratransit service on our territory. We’re proud that this pilot project took place here.”

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