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Key performance indicators (KPI)

STL Key Performance Indicators

The Société de transport de Laval has set up key performance indicators and operational metrics to ensure it meets the objectives outlined in its Strategic Organizational Plan for 2019-2028. 

On a mission to provide a quality public transit system driven by efficiency, innovation, and the ability to evolve in lockstep with mobility needs, the above tools will enable to STL track and measure its progress.

What exactly are we measuring?

In order to meet our rider experience targets, we will be closely monitoring performance indicators related to:

  • customer satisfaction 
  • service quality
  • ridership

The STL has also adopted operational metrics to track its productivity and environmental commitments every year. We publish these metrics on an annual basis.

In terms of governance, this exercise aims to render our efforts as a public body regarding our daily operations and the quality of our service even more transparent.

Understanding the indicators

All the indicators found here are grouped according to overall categories (service quality, productivity, environment, etc.), and you can view results covering several years. Below are some explanations to help you interpret the charts:

Green result : We have reached our objective.
Orange result : Our objective is almost reached.
Red dash : We have not yet reached our objective, we’re working on it.

In order to monitor the evolution of our performance, these indicators have been determined so that we can measure ourselves against ourselves from year to year. Since the definitions and methods of calculating the indicators may vary from one transport company to another, the data presented below cannot be used for comparison purposes.

Results 2023

Our results are only available in French.

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