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Pressure tactics deemed illegal
Public transit 23 November 2021

Pressure tactics deemed illegal

The STL files application for a safeguard order against the bus drivers’ union

Yesterday evening, the STL filed an application for a safeguard order against the bus drivers’ union with the Tribunal administratif du travail (TAT) in respect to pressure tactics deemed illegal. These actions led to an unusually high number of delays during the day of Thursday, November 18, and caused significant harm to its customers. The STL is disappointed that its customers were needlessly exploited by the union to further its cause. Among illegal actions observed was the intentional service slowdown, causing delays for at least 250 bus trips during the day. Such pressure tactics also directly hamper efforts to revive public transit in convincing customers of its efficiency. 

By filing the application for a safeguard order, the STL aims to protect its customers so that they get the service to which they are entitled.

The STL would like to reiterate that the overall proposal made to the union is fair and comparable to the one signed with the other bargaining units at the STL. Also note that employees of the City of Laval, as well as several other bargaining units representing bus drivers in Québec have also signed on the same basis of pay. Other conciliation meetings are still scheduled and we believe a settlement will be reached through conciliation and not by actions that harm customers, making them innocent collateral victims.

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