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Driver's union pressure tactics
Transport collectif 20 October 2021

Driver's union pressure tactics

Last update
Octobre 21, 12:30 p.m.

The drivers’ union sent notices for three days of strike, planned for Wednesday, November 3, Monday, November 15 and Friday, November 26.

STL management acknowledges these notices and is actively cooperating in the process to determine essential services, as prescribed by law.

Rest assured that the STL has the interest of its customers at heart and will do everything in its power to make sure that the union maintains adequate essential services during the drivers strike.

We will keep you posted on the essential service that will be available in the event of a strike, as soon as possible.

Users count on the STL for their daily commute, and STL management finds it unacceptable that the drivers’ union has chosen to strike while mediation is still ongoing. Customers can stay informed by checking this page as it will be updated regularly.
Despite repeated threats to strike by the drivers’ union, the STL intends to carry on with the mediation process with the firm resolve to negotiate an agreement to the satisfaction of both parties.

Recall the facts dating from October 1, 2021

Contrary to what was recently reported in the media, Société de transport de Laval’s management is continuing negotiations in good faith with the drivers’ union. As we have always done, we are negotiating in the interest of our employees and our customers to renew work arrangements with our employees.

The pressure tactics used by the drivers’ union and their threat to strike jeopardize customer service at a time when the STL is trying to revive public transit use in Laval.

Considering its limited budget due to a significant drop in ridership related to the pandemic, the STL must respect its fiscal framework.

Moreover, we recently renewed the collective agreements for maintenance and office employees within the same financial and operational parameters that govern the renewal of the agreement with the drivers’ union.

However, despite more than 20 work sessions, negotiations have reached an impasse, as both sides are unable to close the gap on certain issues.

On September 16, the STL requested the intervention of a mediator, a process that will keep talks going to favour the signing of an agreement with the drivers’ union to the satisfaction of both parties.

Reviving public transit use by trying to restore ridership and revenues to the levels prior to the pandemic should be an opportunity to work with our drivers to improve the customer experience and encourage the public to choose public transit to fight against road congestion and climate change.

Our service is essential, efficient and provides a low-cost option to residents of Laval, notably for front-line workers, especially during a pandemic.

We will keep you informed of any developments as soon as possible.

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